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(As of February 22, 2019)

Restuccia Champion



Kate & Philippe Villers



Steve Rosenfeld & Margot Botsford


Andrew Dreyfus



Paul & Joanne Egerman 



Tom & Meredith Sobol 

Joe & Nancy Restuccia



Restuccia & Feinberg Family 




Don Berwick

The Connors Family Foundation

Charles Donahue

Phil & Debbie Edmundson

Norbert Goldfield

Mark Reynolds & Clare Reilly

Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust

Wendy Warring & Troy Brennan



 The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Associated Industries of Massachusetts,The Massachusetts Taxpayer Foundation & The Massachusetts Business Roundtable

Lori Berry

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Ann Hwang 

Josh Greenberg & Kate Dulit

James Mandell and Sandra Fenwick Fund 

Phil Johnston

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Planned Giving Opportunities

As you consider your estate planning goals, you can help assure the long-term success of Community Catalyst and Health Care for All in your will, in a trust funded at the time of your death, or by naming Community Catalyst and/or Health Care for All as the beneficiary of your IRA or life insurance policy. You can:

  • Designate a specific dollar amount for general operating support or “Where it is needed most”
  • Designate a percentage of your estate or policy for general operating support or “Where it is needed most”
  • Designate your residuary estate remaining after all specific bequests for general operating support or “Where it is needed most”

These suggestions are for sample purposes only. Please consult an estate planning professional for suggestions that are right for you.


If you would like to talk about planned giving, please contact Sally Strniste for Health Care for All at sStrniste@hcfama.org, (617) 275-2883.

To become a sponsor or for more information about sponsorships, please contact:



Sally Strniste, Chief of Staff, Health Care For All

Email: sstrniste@hcfama.org

Phone: (617) 275-2883